To those who has no idea who is this Iconic player of the 90's that who does the high leaping acrobatic shots ala Michael Jordan, this is all for you.

This is a tribute page to The Skywalker - Samboy Lim who is currently not in stable condition after unknowingly  collapsed after their PBA Legends game last  Friday (Nov 28,2014) . His condition is still under observation as of now (Nov-29), he needs our prayers for his recovery, #PrayForSamboyLim

#20 Hall of Fame

He's one of the few Non-MVP player who's been inducted in the PBA's Hall of Fame in 2009.

#19 Iba na ang may Pinag Samahan -- San Miguel Beer!

  Samboy Lim played with only one team in his whole PBA career for 9years. He's one of the franchise player who ever played in one team as loyalty same with Alvin Patrimonio and Jawo

#18  The Best Friends

  He has long friendship with Jojo Lastimosa during their PBL years till to Pro-league in the PBA.
He spearheaded the M. Lhuillier franchise in the Philippine Amateur Basketball League to an unprecedented championship together with Jojo Lastimosa. In PBA they were known to be rival brothers specially in the SMB GrandSlams Era. It's also ironic he got his worst injury from his best friend.

#17  1993 Vintage Buzzer Beater

In the 1993 All-Filipino Finals Cup, Samboy made a memorable halfcourt shot at the buzzer against Coney Island. The shot made a huge impact to the game and to the series even though they did not won the title.

#16 "The Skywalker "

   Skywalker was originally came from a famous character in the Novel/Movie StarWars but this has nothing to do with Samboy Lim origin. He's not a son or related with Darthvader (corny) for sure . He got his monicker because of his ability to high leaps and acrobatics in mid-air , it's almost he's walking in thin-air and everything is in slowmotion.

#15 The LIMsantiy

   Before the LINSANITY as the NBA sensation there were already a LIMsanity in the 90's. Samboy Lim was loved by many because of his intensity on the court. Just like Jeremy Lin, Samboy Lim started as a 6th Man because San Miguel Beermen was already star-stradded but this not  made him blurred behind the shadows of the Beermen Stars. Despite of the big competition in his team, he still able to catch up and pull-off a quality minutes and eventually became integral of his team's GrandSlam championships.

#14 The High Socks trademark

During the 90's if someone wore a high-socks he's already gets monickered as Samboy Lim just for fun. Samboy Lim wears knee-high socks, his testament and tribute to his idol Julius "Dr. J" Erving .

#13 The 6TH MAN

  After his stint with the PBL, Lim entered the Philippine Basketball Association, as a draftee of the San Miguel Beermen. Though he usually came off the bench as the sixth man of the already star-studded San Miguel squad, he was able to pull off an outstanding rookie performance 

#12 Free Throw Mannerism 

He was a weird free-throw habit. Samboy messes up his hair before taking a shot in the free-throw lane and he doesn't bend his knees.

#11 Signature Move

Samboy has so many moves but his best pioneered move is the cross-over head shoulder fake. He uses this to fake and by-pass his defender. This move has revolutionized by upcoming PBA players who idolized him.

#10 The Samboy Lim Weekly Show 

In early days it's uncommon for a player to drive and leap high, that's the reason why Samboy Lim took over the PBA Top Ten Plays of the Week in every week. His skywalking, driving, and passing moves was usually on the top spot every week.

#9 Letrans First Knight 

Samboy won an MVP award in the NCAA as he propelled the Letran Knights to a grandslam feat during the early 1980s.

#8 1990 All Stars MVP

Samboy Lim leads the veterans to win against the star stradded RSJ team in their prime year in the likes of Alvin Patrimonio, Jojo lastimosa, Benjie Paras, Jerry Condinera and Ronnie Magsanoc. He finished with 42 big points including those spectacular high leaping highlights.

#7 Worst and Tragic Injury in PBA

Due to the style of his high-wire game, Samboy never completed a season in the PBA due to injuries. One of his tragic injuries was a heated game with Purefoods. Regaining momentum in the last quarter after trailing most of the game, Samboy drove past several defenders and was inadvertedly clotheslined by Jojo Lastimosa in the air. This caused Samboy's body to lose control and went flying upside down hitting his head first then shoulder on the hardwood floor. Blood spilled and he was taken out in a stretcher. He had a cut in his forehead that needed 18 stitches outside and 8 stitches inside to close up. Also during that game, the collision sent Samboy in a somersault and his foot hit the board. This is one of the most tragic injury witnessed by everyone in a basketball game.

#6 The Original Man with the Million Moves

  Samboy Lim is not only known for his high leaping acrobatic drive but also with his million-moves. Vergel Meneses "The Aerial Voyager" learned some nifty moves from Samboy that he applied to his slashing game. James Yap and Kenneth Duremdes  one handed shot are also a product of Samboy Lim style. Paul Alvarez slashing and above the rim stunt is also a revolutionized skywalker style.

#5 Lucky Number 9  

    Samboy wore the number 9 since his collegiate days up to the international games and in his entire career in the PBA. Ironically, he also played his entire career a total of 9 years with San Miguel Beer. He also use #9 as a reverse number of his NBA idol DR.J (Julius Erving) who's wearing the Jersey #6.

#4 The Father of Sportmanship Award

In 1993, the Sports Committee of the PBA created this award for Samboy because he was a true sportsman of the game. He was awarded with the first ever sportsmanship award for his exemplary behavior on the court. Also according to the media, the committee wanted to give this special award to Samboy in honor of his impact to the game and that he just couldn't complete a season because of injuries. For the many, this award for Samboy was almost considered an MVP award.

#3 World Domination

In 1985, the Philippine Team competed in the World Club Basketball Championship in Girona, Spain. The Philippine team, wearing the San Miguel jersey, were loved by the European audiences due to the fact they were the smallest team competing on the tournament which included the national teams of Yugoslavia and Italy (Dražen Petrović that time was guarding Hector Calma).

 He led the team with his patented open court and acrobatic shots scoring his 37 points performance against Banco di Roma of Italy. Because of the intensity and competitiveness, during the game Samboy suffered extreme exhaustion and fatigue. After the game, he had to be carried out in a stretcher with an oxygen tank. His dedication and courage made him an instant folk hero. Then it happened again in their game against the US Team in the 1985 William Jones Cup where they won the game and became champions

#2 The Real MVP

His remarkable play was a joy to watch and he was a constant fan favorite because of his aerial maneuvers. However, also because of those seemingly inhuman skills, Lim suffered numerous serious injuries that limited his PBA career to just nine seasons. Despite the fact that he never won an MVP award, Lim was considered by fans as the "Real MVP."

  Even Samboy Lim ends up wounded he still much concern about the outcome of the game. After the accident in the game, Jojo Lastimosa , a close friend of Samboy visited him at Makati Medical Center. According to Jojo, the first thing that Samboy mentioned is "Who won the game?" This was the attitude of a true sportsman and a friend. 

In1993, Samboy Lim and Hector Calma volunteered to have their salary cut in order to acquire their good friend, Allan Caidic (who was a free agent from the disbanded Presto Ice Cream). This deal resulted in multiple championships. Back then, San Miguel was an All-Star studded team composed of great players like Ramon Fernandez and Ato Agustin.

In Banco di Roma of Italy in the 1985 FIBA World Club Championships in Girona, , he had to be carried out in a stretcher with an oxygen tank because of extreme fatigue with 37pts performance . His dedication and courage made him an instant folk hero. Then it happened again in their game against the US Team in the 1985 William Jones Cup where they won the game and became champions

#1 The People Champ of Basketball

Samboy is the only player known to get applauses and standing ovation from fans (even fans from the opposing team) as he walks to the scoring table to enter the game. He also gets a thundering roar from the crowd whenever he touches the ball

 Some of the PBA stars admitted that their  childhood idol is Samboy Lim, no wonder his balling style has been revolutionized by most players today. Some of the players such as :
  1. Vergel Meneses 
  2. Paul Alvarez
  3. James Yap
  4. Danny Ildefonso
  5. Mark Cardona
  6. Kenneth Duremdes

Paul Alvarez even mentioned in an interview that during his teenage years he runs home to watch the games of the Skywalker in the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Samboy was even the great coach Big J Robert Jaworski's favorite player to field in in international games or in All-Star exhibitions. In the 1990 All-Star Game, Samboy played most of the entire game under coach Jaworski. The only time the Skywalker got a breather was when the Big J entered the game substituting him.


 The Michael Jordan of the Philippines

In an Asian Journal, an author from China went to the Philippines to get a perspective of the Basketball Scene. After the visit, the author wrote that Samboy Lim is the Michael Jordan of the PBA. It was also mentioned in an article that Ron Jacobs, the famous coach of NCC/San Miguel in the International Arena, sent Samboy to the States for an operation. Ron Jacobs said to the doctor, "Please fix Samboy. He is my Michael Jordan." Even PBA commentator Joe Cantada addressed in the 1990 All-Star game that Samboy is the Michael Jordan of Philippine Basketball.The heart and competitiveness of the Dragon Skywalker Avelino "Samboy" Lim was evident especially on international competitions. 

5 Responses to TOP 20 Interesting Facts About Samboy Lim - The Skywalker

  1. Sophiathepia Says:
  2. Samboy entered the PBA in 1986 as a direct amateur recruit by SMC franchise not via the rookie draft in 1988. Jojo Lastimosa won the 1988 ROY award which was technically Samboy's 3rd season in the PBA. Jolas (like Samboy) also was a direct amateur recruit by the Purefoods team. A privilege given to them back then after purchasing the Tanduay franchise.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. JAWORSKI played with two teams TOYOTA and GINEBRA

  5. playamoth Says:
  6. Magaling kung sa magaling, inaasahan namin ang iyong pag galing

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Toyota and Ginebra are the same team but different franchise.. Ginebra bought the team from Toyota,
    Jawo is a franchise player for both franchise

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. Samboy will be my only MVP in the world of basketball. There is none like him. After he retired from the PBA, I don't watch the PBA anymore.


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