As the Rivalry of GregZilla and the Kraken dominating the league, it gives me some time to  ponder who are the greatest Monstrous Colossus dominated the PBA? In the past years in the PBA, the tallest player considered to be were under 6'2 to 6'6  but as time goes by, more and more young big ballers landed in the league. There were Marlou Aquino, EJ Feihl , Balingit, Andy Seigle and some of the few who are known to be GIANTS.

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In this top, I listed the Tallest players starting from 6'8 above, I didn't put  those under 6'8 because there are already COMMON and I don't think they can be considered as Giants anymore. The Ranking is based on their achievements, tenure in the league and of course their HEIGHT.. the taller they get the better they will be on the top.

10# Bonel Balingit

Height   : 6’9”

Basketball Team  

  • Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs ,
  • Sunkist Orange Juicers,
  •  Pop Cola Panthers,
  • Purefoods TJ Hotdogs

  Bonel is as huge as a Mountain when he started in PBA that's how he got his monicker Mount Balingit. Together with other elite players like Vergel Menesis, Boybits and Duremdes they won multiple championships. Bonel was considered to be a Giant not until the appearance of Marlou Aquino , Seigle, Taulava and the other league big guys because of the emergence of talented big guys, Balingit lost his spot in the PBA .

#9 EJ Feihl 

Height :  7’0” (7'1" as listed)
Basketball Team : ADU (UAAP), Barangay Ginebra, Purefoods, Alaska,
Red Bull (PBA) retired

EJ is the current tallest player in PBA and might over grown by Greg Slaughter who's also a Ginebra. EJ is talented big man, he might be slow but his perimeter shooting is much better with Marlou. EJ could be a dominating force during his prime if he could only focus on his goal and improve his talents

  • 1998 RP Centennial Team Member
  • PBA All-Star (1995-96)

#8 Rafi Reavis

    Height : 6'9" 

Basketball Team :
  • Coca-Cola Tigers, 2006–2009 
  • Barangay Ginebra Kings, Purefoods Star Hotshots

He's been called as the LastikMan because of his wide wings span not too mention his height is already a big advantage. As a center he's too slim but for his long arms he can easily rejects a lot of shots. Currently Reavis is one of the big factor for SMC for achieving their GrandSlam along with his co-Fil-Am Joe deVance.

  • PBA Most Improved Player (2003)
  • PBA All-Star (2006,2013)

#7  Joe DeVance

Height : 6'8”

Basketball Team :

  • Welcoat (PBA), 
  • Alaska Aces(PBA) 
  • B-Meg (PBA),Purefoods(PBA)

Out of the radar, DeVance is a big man that can play more as a forward, he's quickness and versatility is a gift of his foreign blood. DeVance is a dominating force in his position because of his height advantage as for forward.


  • PBA All-Rookie team (2008)
  • 2x PBA Mythical second team (2010–2011)
  • 3x PBA All-Star (2010–2011, 2014)

#6  Greg Slaughter 

Height : 7'0"
Basketball Team : BUV (Cesafi) ,ADMU,  Barangay Ginebra (PBA)

    The only award that JunMar that never had is what Slaughter has achieved and that is the Rookie of the year. Slaughter is still young and probably has the potential to out rank JunMar if he's willing enough, his advantage is his Perimeter Shooting as a Giant. Greg hasn't shown his full capability just like what JunMar had shown, it's because in Ginebra he has another tower who's helping his side, so he doesn't need to force himself  to move to another level

Achievements :
  • 2013-14 PBA Rookie of the Year
  • 2013–14 Mythical Second Team

    #5 Andrew John Seigle 

    Height : 6’9”

    Basketball Team :

    • Talk N Text 
    • Purefoods
    • Brgy Ginebra (PBA)

    Andy Seigle is the biggest Rival of Marlou during his rookie year, he is like the Fil-Am version of Marlou. During his time there was a big controversy about the Fil-Ams and the Pure-Pinoy, everytime he matched with Marlou there has been a big cold fight. Seigle has won some awards including the ROY and some

    Achievements :

    • 1997 PBA Rookie of the Year
    • 1999 PBA All-Star

    #4  Sonny Thoss 

    Height : 6’8”

    Basketball Team:
     Alaska (PBA)

          Sonny Thoss 'The Boss' is one of the Alaska franchise player who is still active until now. Thoss is a gifted big man that can post and dominates his defender. He's like a Tim Duncan of  the PBA, with his fundamental postings and shots.


    • PBA All Rookie Team (2005)
    • 2x PBA Mythical First Team (2010, 2011)
    • 2x PBA Mythical Second Team (2008, 2012)
    • PBA Sportsmanship Award (2011)
    • 10x PBA All-Star (2004-13)
    • PBA Commissioner's Cup Finals MVP (2013)

    #3 JunMar fajardo 

    Height : 6'10 (6'10 1/2 as listed)

    Basketball Team :

    •  Petron Blaze (PBA)
    • San Miguel BeerMen (PBA)

         The only Biggest player that ever won the MVP , this guy is no doubt will be in the #1 over the years. JunMar has been an unstoppable force in PBA that even the Ginebra's Twin Tower can't stop his dominations. JunMar is gifted with huge body and height, he's considered to be the most athletic PURE Pinoy Giant after Marlou Aquino. Thanks to his great mentor, Lakay Danny Ildefonso because of him, JunMar has developed a lot of offensive post and tactics. JunMar monicker is 'The Kraken' because of his long arms and Gigantic impact on the court.

    Achievements :

    • PBA Most Valuable Player (2014)
    • 2x PBA All-Star (2013,2014)
    • PBA Mythical First Team (2014)
    • PBA Mythical Second Team (2013)
    • PBA All-Defensive Team (2014)
    • PBA Most Improved Player (2014)
    • PBA All Rookie Team (2013)

    #2  Marlou Aquino 

    Height : 6’9” (6'10" as listed)

    Basketball team : 

    • Ginebra
    • Sta Lucia Realty

            The #2 could be debatable because JunMar has MVP while Marlou has nothing but this rank can be changed if  only JunMar can reach what's Marlou has achieved over the years. Marlou has been in the PBA for over 14yrs  with 2 champs and winning some awards. He almost wins the Rookie+MVP in 1996 and MVP in 1997 but the prior of the winner is quite controversial nonetheless he deserves his excellency during those years . Marlou dominates his amateur league days in PBL, he has the record of the most number of MVP in that league.

    Achievements :

    • PBA All-Star (1996-2001, 2003)
    • 1996 PBA Rookie of the Year
    • 1996 PBA All-Defensive Team
    • 1996 PBA Defensive Player of the Year
    • 1996 PBA Mythical First Team
    • 1997 PBA All-Defensive Team
    • 1997 PBA Mythical First Team
    • 2000 PBA Mythical Second Team
    • 2001 PBA All-Defensive Team
    • 2003 PBA All-Defensive Team
    • 2003 PBA Mythical Second Team     

    #1 Asi Taulava 

    Height : 6’9” 

    Basketball team :

    • Talk 'N Text Phone Pals
    • Coca Cola Tigers
    • Meralco Bolts
    •  Air21 Express/NLEX Road Warriors

      The AgeLess Mount Asi is considered to be the Greatest Giant ever played in PBA. With his bulk oversize body that doesn't age over the years  and still continues to dominates even against the young giants like JunMar and Greg. He's the oldest player that still playing in PBA and 2nd to the legendary Robert Jaworski. During his Rookie years, he enters in the PBA with a lot of controversy because that era he came is the time where Fil-Foreigners are being debated and most pure Pinoy were against with it, lead by the players like Marlou and Alvin Patrimonio.  Asi had shown the league with everything he got,  after suffering with a lot of injuries and losing his spot in the PBA, he come back with big time with all of his hardwork and perseverance. He won the 2013 MVP in ABL at the age of  40, which is the oldest player to ever achieved with the recognition probably all over the world. Taulava has acquired a lot of award from different leagues from local to international. He's a gifted Giant as hard as a Rock, during his prime a lot of teams complains about him joining the league because there's no way to stop him, because of this a lot Fil-Foreigners came to the league just to match up his immovable body. Marlou and Asi had been gone a lot of rivalry though Marlou didn't able to match up a Young Asi's strength however he beat him by out smarting him with experience.

    Currently Asi is still with NLEX, his future plan is to play with Ginebra as one of his quest and also winning the PBA championship again.

    Achievements :

    • PBA Most Valuable Player (2003)
    • PBA Mythical First Team (2003, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2013-14)
    • PBA Mythical Second Team (2002, 2009-10)
    • PBA All-Defensive Team (2003, 2007-08, 2008-09)
    • PBA Comeback Player of the Year (2013-14)
    • PBA Reinforced Conference Finals Most Valuable Player (2003)
    • PBA All-Filipino Cup Best Player of the Conference (2003)
    • PBA All-Star Game MVP; (2004), (shared with Jimmy Alapag), (2006)
    • 13-time PBA All-Star
    • Member, PBA 5,000 point club
    • 2002 Philippines-Chinese Taipei Basketball Series
    • 2002 Philippines-Qatar Basketball Series
    • 2002 Four Nations Invitational Tournament (Italy), 3rd place
    • 2002 Asian Games, 4th place
    • 2005 William Jones Cup, 3rd place (bronze)
    • 2005 Brunei Cup champions
    • 2006 Philippines-Lebanon Basketball Series
    • 2006 Brunei Cup champions
    • 2007 FIBA Asia Champions Cup
    • 2007 SEABA Champions
    • 2007 William Jones Cup, 3rd place (bronze)
    • 2007 Four Nations Invitational Tournament (Philippines) champions
    • 2007 Philippines-Kuwait Basketball Series
    • 2007 FIBA Asia Championship, 9th place
    • 2009 Philippines-Australian Great White Sharks Basketball Series
    • 2009 Philippines-PBA All-Star Exhibition Series
    • 2009 SEABA champions
    • 2011 Fiba Asia Championship, 4th place
    • 2013 ABL Most Valuable Player


    #11) Mick Pennisi 

    Height : 6’9”

        Pennisi is one of the rare talent big man that can shoot in the 3pt line like a SG, this makes him vital to his teams he;s been to and to win some championships. Pennisi is one of the oldest in PBA but still can play like against the young legs. Him and Asi are the last oldest Giant that still playing in PBA.

    2-Time PBA All-Star (2003, 2009)

    #12 Yancy de Ocampo 

    Height : 6’8”

      Yancy in his younger days can play hard in defense to Offense. His versatility and flexibility as a big man is a real rare gift for a tall guy. If it's not only of his injuries, he could probably won BCF by time. YDO is now a journey man, wherein he just been an item for trade show.

    PBA Mythical Second Team (2007)

      13# Japeth Aguilar 

    Height   : 6’8”

      Japeth is versatile and talented tall player, all the gift and everything he already had but it's only the LUCK is missing. Japeth probably the tallest PURE pinoy player that can dunk and has speed like a Small Forward. He is still striving and struggling to achieve his goal from his dream to be in NBA, then to Gilas and now to get his first championship in PBA. Time will tell when will Japeth will get his luck and get everything will work all together. 

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