TOP 5 Greatest Fil-Shams in PBA

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fil-Shams was the name labeled by the media to those Fil-Foreigners who have not passed their legitimacy of citizenship and playing in Philippines league. During the appearance of Asi Taulava, Eric Menk, Danny Seigle and Rudy Hatfield a lot of local players complains of their legitimacy because a lot of teams gives prioritize them and instead those local players who undergone a lot of procedures.

 A lot of the Fil-Shams flew away during the investigation while other pursue with their papers. Some like Hatfield, Menk, Taulava, Seigle and the other players had passed successfully with their rights to play but took a lot of time of investigation

NOTE : In the Rank, these are Fil-Foreigners who have done a big impact in the PBA  but classified as illegal foreigners by the bureau

#5 Chris Clay

Team - 2002 Sta Lucia

  Clay didn't play that much in PBA after Sta Lucia acquiring him but Clay shown a lot of his
  game in MBA with Laguna Lakers. He has been called as the White Thunder because of his impact in the game.  He's overall player who can play both ends of defense and offense. Clay is no Filipino blood but he was willing to get naturalized however the PBA doesn't allowed Naturalized players to play in the league, it's the same case with Alex Compton.

Career Achievements
 - no info -

#4 Jon Ordonio

Team : PopCola , Alaska , Barako Bull

   Like Davonn Harp , Ordonio is lucky enough to play much longer compare the other Fil-Shams. . Ordonio is one of the 1999 Big Shot Fil-Foreigners in direct-hired along Asi Taulava
Danny Seigle, he's one of the fil-ams to watch because of his Kobe look-a-like. Ordonio did not able
to suffice the people expectation specially the PopCola fans to see him play like Kobe however he becamea sixth man and became voyager after PopCola. The only remarkable thing he ever did is to Block some big guys likes Marlou and Asi and some imports. Ordinio has Filipino blood but later he did not pursue to work out his legitimacy and left the country.

Career Achievements
 - no info -

#3 Davonn Harp

Team : Barako Bulls

 Unlike all the Fil-Shams, Davonn Harp played a lot longer before he finally deported in 2009. During his  legitimacy he achieved a lot of awards including the 2000 Rookie of the Year. He's probably the most awarded Fil-Shams. However in 2009, Harp was proven legit Fil-Am that's later has been invalidated but his reason of not coming back in the Philippines could be another story probably some other criminal case, check out this article Davon Harpp invalidates Deportation case

Career Achievements
  • Defensive Player of the Year 2002
  • Rookie of the Year 2000
  • Mythical First Team 2002
  • Mythical Second Team 2001
  • All-Defensive Team 2002
  • Best Player of the Conference 2002 Commissioners' Cup
  • Finals Most Valuable Player 2002 Commissioners' Cup
  • 2001 Commissioners' Cup
  • Most Points 2002
  • Most Defensive Rebounds 2002
  • Most Minutes Played 2002
  • Most 2-Pointers Made 2002

#2 Earl Sonny Alvarado

Team 1999 Tanduay

  Who won't forget the Fil-Puertorican guy who does so many crazy antics including the
  'slicing of the throat' that's how he got the monicker 'The Punshier'. Him with Menk made the new comer   Tanduay a   championship contender, giving the pain to the old teams. He got deported with alleged   faking of documents and some domestic issues. He's one of the controversial Fil-Shams because all his documents were proven fakes including his name which was been taken from someone else.

Career Achievements
 - no information - but during his tenure in Tanduay he done a lot of big games from offense and defense

#1 Robert Parker

Team : 1999 Sta Lucia

  Probably he's the most amazing player ever played in PBA during his prime. He's even better than
  their team's  hired import Kwan Johnson. Parkers plays more than like an import, filling up his stats with triple-double every single game, that's the reason the Locals Players were hot on him. Robert Parkker was probably the answered prayer for the   Sta Lucia to grab their 1st ever Championship in 1999 but unfortunately this also the time where the Philippines Bureau were investigating the Fil-Shams. If only ROb Parker played longer in PBA  it would been amazing to watch to  watch those NBA Dunk shows and for the local PBA player, they  will match with his level  of intensity.

Career Achievements
 - no information - but during his tenure he gathered monsters of stats in every game


Other players that were in the Hot List  and were classified as Fil-Shams

  1. Asi Taulava - passed
  2. Anothony Dela Cruz - passed
  3. Noy Castillo - passed
  4. Rudy Hatfield - passed
  5. Chris Jackson - passed
  6. Eric Menk - passed
  7. Asi Taulava - passed
  8. Mick Penissi - passed
  9. Alex Crisano - passed
  10. Jimmy Alapag - passed
  11. Andy Seigle - passed
  12. Nic Belasco - passed
  13. Danny SEgile - passed
  14. Rob Wenwright - passed
  15. Steven Smith - passed
  16. Rob Duat - passed
  17. Alvarado Segova - deported (he flew away before the investigation)
  18. James Walkvist - ????

13 Responses to TOP 5 Greatest Fil-Shams in PBA

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. jon ordonio is not a fil-sham. he was cleared.

  3. They're part of Philippine Basketball history.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. english mo tanga!

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. Poor English grammar.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. No subject verb agreement

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. Rob parker parang russel westbrook maglaro yan si earl sonny alvarado malakas siya sa ilalim

  12. Unknown Says:
  13. Chris Clay played as an import for SLR.. di cya FIL SHAM.. hindi sya naglaro as Local... parang si Alex Compton.. naglaro as import ng Welcoat/Rain or Shine nung time na un... takte research muna bago pag blog....

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Did you use google translate to write this?

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. Poor English grammar. Chris Clay was an import. Players listed in "other Fil-Shams" were never labeled as "Fil-Shams" during their playing years.

  18. Tedirey Says:
  19. RIP English

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. Jon Ordonio was not actually a “fil-sham” because he has filipino blood. His mom is full filipina. Anyone interested in reading what really happened to him can check this article out

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. Badly researched and poorly written.

  24. Anonymous Says:
  25. Crap. Ano to tinype mo sa Nokia 3210?


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