Here are the list of Basketball Players in the Philippines who stands more than the average height of a center (6'7''). Over the years the Pinoy height is improving from early years 6'4 was considered to be a Giant but now we have bigger guys who stands over 6'8'', as time goes by this height is becoming average so next time will have more 7ft centers who will dominates the league.

Raul Dillo still holds the TALLEST player of a Filipino though he didn't able to reach to PBA because he pursue his acting career. Dillo is now a stage actor with some minimal extra appearance on film and TV. EJ Feihl still holds the tallest player in PBA and can be surpassed by Greg Slaughter if  he still continue to grow. JunMar Fajaro is the first tallest player to ever won the MVP while Marlou Aquino is the first tallest player to win the Rookie of the Year. Andy Seigle is the first tallest Fil-Foreigner to enter the PBA and wins the ROY while Taulava is the first Fil-Foreigner to win the MVP.

#1) Raul Dillo 

Height : 7’3”
Basketball Team : UE (UAAP), San Juan Knights (MBA) Retired

#2) EJ Feihl 

Height :  7’0” (7'1" as registered)
Basketball Team : ADU (UAAP), Barangay Ginebra, Purefoods, Alaska,
Red Bull (PBA) retired

#3) Greg Slaughter 

Height : 7'0"
Basketball Team : BUV (Cesafi) , Barangay Ginebra

#4) JunMar fajardo 

Height : 6'10 (6'10 1/2 as registered)
Basketball Team : UC Cesafi , Petron Blaze (PBA), San Miguel BeerMen (PBA)

#5) Jericho De guzman 

Height : 6'10 1/8
Basketball Team : FEU

#6) Eman Samigue 

Height : 6’10”
Basketball Team : University of Mindanao, Rain or Shine, SMB (PBL), Alaska (PBA)

#7) Marlou Aquino 

Height : 6’9” (6'10" as registered)
Basketball team : ADU (UAAP), Ginebra, Sta Lucia Realty (PBA) Active

#8) Frederick Canlas 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball Team : Formula Shell (PBA) Reserve

#9) Andrew John Seigle 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball Team : Talk N Text, Purefoods, Brgy Ginebra (PBA)

#10) Asi Taulava 

Height : 6’9” 
Basketball team : Talk 'N Text Phone Pals, Coca Cola Tigers, Meralco Bolts, San Miguel Beermen (ABL),  Air21 Express/NLEX Road Warriors

#11) Raymung Lacson 

Height : 6'9
Basketball Team : DLSU 86'

#12) James Walkvist 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball team : Ginebra (PBA)

#13) Mick Pennisi 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball Team : Red Bull (PBA)

#14) Bonnel Balingit 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball Team : Swift, Tanduay, Purefoods (PBA)

#15) Danny Jomamil 

Height : 6’9”
Basketball Team : Adamson University (UAAP)

#16) Rafi Reavis

    Height : 6'9" Basketball Team : Coca-Cola Tigers, 2006–2009 Barangay Ginebra Kings, Purefoods Star Hotshots

#17) Japeth Aguilar 

Height   : 6’8”
Basketball Team : Ateneo (UAAP), Western Kentucky University (NCAA) ,
GlobalPort (PBA) , Talk N Text (PBA) , Barangay Ginebra (PBA)

#18) Youseff Taha

Height : 6'8
Basketball Team : ADMU (UAAP), Barangay Ginebra (PBA), SMB (PBA),GlobalPort(PBA)

#19) Yancy de Ocampo 

Height : 6’8”
Basketball Team : St Francis (NCRAA), Air21, Talk N Text (PBA)
San Mig Coffee (PBA), GlobalPort(PBA)

#20)  Sonny Thoss 

Height : 6’8”
Basketball Team: Alaska (PBA)

#21)  Bonifacio de Jesus 

Height : 6’8”
Basketball Team : RP Team Youth Asian Games (1978)

#22) Don Yabut 

Height : 6’8”
Basketball Team : Far Eastern University (UAAP), Welcoat (PBL)

#23) Raymond Almazan

Height : 6'8"
Basketball Team : Letran Knights(NCAA), Rain or Shine(PBA)

#24)  Joe De Vance

Height : 6'8”
Basketball Team : UTEP, Welcoat (PBA),Alaska Aces(PBA) B-Meg (PBA),Purefoods(PBA)

25)   Ian Sangalang

Height : 6'8
Basketball Team : San Sebastian (NCAA), San Mig Coffee(PBA)

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Greg Slaughter is 6'11 5/8, Junemar fajardo is 6'10", Andy Seigle is listed at 6'10" in the US but Coach Norman Black said he is 6'8" (his is at least an inch shorter than Marlou Aquino), Japeth Aguilar is 6'9" according to himself... Samigue Eman is 6'9" according to himself...Don Yabut is listed at 6'7" in some sources, Raymond Almazan is 6'7.75", Ian Sangalang 6'5.625", Sonny Thoss is 6'7" according to Coach Tim Cone...Asi Taulva is listed from 6'9" to 6'10" but appears to be inch/es shorter than listed (maybe he is 6'8" max)...Joe Devance is listed at 6'7" but appears to be shorter than listed (6'6" max)...James Walkvist is listed at 6'10" in some sources... Rafi Reavis is listed from 6'7' to even 6'10" (maybe 6'8" max)...Youseff Taha was listed at 6'8" but is now listed at 6'6"...Yancy de Ocampo is sometimes listed at 6'9"...Marlou Aquino was listed at 6'11" during 1998 Asian Games, and is listed at 6'9" for the most of his collegiate and PBA Career (maybe 6'10" max).

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Former DLSU, PBL and MBA player Vincent San Diego is listed at 6'9" and 6'10" in other sources...Former PBL player Francis Bacon is somewhere between 6'7" and 6'9"... Gian Chiu is 6'9"... Matthew Aquino (son of Marlou Aquino) is 6'9" according to himself... DLSU's Arnold Van Opstal is 6'9" according to himself...Kai Sotto (son of Ervin Sotto) is a 13 year old 6'9" kid and still growing... Adamson is said to have Galen Casida, 6'11", 18 years old... Other future bigs:
    Jeremiah Pangalanan, listed from 6'8"-6'10, 18 years old, Infant Jesus
    AJ Edu, 6'9", 16 years old, UK
    Ethan Kirkness, 6'9", 14 years old, Australia
    Ladis Lepalam, 6'8", 14 years old, La Salle Green Hills
    Arman Demigaya, 6'8", 18 years old, Adamsom
    Justine Baltazar, 6'8", 18 years old, NU
    Tzaddy Rangel, 6'7", 17 years old, NU
    Kemark Cariño, 6'7", 17 years old, Ateneo
    Gian Gaspar, 6'6", 14 years old, FEU-FERN
    Zachary Salazar, 6'6", 15 years old, Ateneo HS
    Germy Mahinay, 6'6", 16 years old, San Beda-Taytay
    Kobe Paras, 6'6", 18 years old, Cathedral HS (LA)
    Carl Tamayo, 6'5", 14 years old, Adamson
    RV Berjay, 6'5", 15 years old, Ateneo HS
    Will Gozum, 6'5", 15 years old, UPIS
    Javier Gomez de Liaño, 6'5", 16, UPIS
    Jason Credo, 6'5", 15 years old, Ateneo HS
    Justin Arana, 6'5", 16 years old, UST
    Jossier Hassan, 6'5", 16 years old, Ateneo HS
    Miguel Bonalos, 6'5", 16 years old, San Beda-Taytay
    Jonas Tibayan, 6'4", 15 years old, Chiang Kai Shek
    Rhayyan Amsali, 6'4", 14 years old, Nazareth School of NU
    Sean Ildefonso, 6'3", 15 years old, Ateneo HS....

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Please check also players from other provinces like bukidnon a 16 yrs old 6'6"

  9. Anonymous Says:
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  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Kai Sotto is 7'2"


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