TOP 10 Shortest Players in PBA History

Monday, November 17, 2014
Everyone knows Basketball is all about height and for Pinoy who are the #1 Basketball fanatics in Asia, height is the #1 frustration. At early age every Pinoy kids dream is to be a Basketball Star that's why height is something to brag about in school. However it's not only those big guys or 6ftooters who has the privilege to play in the league of PBA.

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   History already has been told that even those under height can dominate and match up the big guys. There once a player named The Flying-A, he's maybe the greatest and shortest player ever play in the PBA, remember how he crossover and shot under the Big Men like Asi Taulava and Marlou Aquino? he's then became the inspiration of every small kids who dream to be in the PBA.

#10 Tyrone Tang

Height : 5'7 

#9 Johnny Abarrientos

Height : 5'7
 (the only shortest player to win the MVP and multiple awards)

#8 Jeric Fortuna

Height : 5'7

#7 Tony Boy Espinosa

Height : 5'7

#6 Manny Pacquiao

Height : 5'6

#5 Dodie Miego

Height : 5'6

#4 Emman Monfort

Height : 5'6 1/16
 (currently the shortest player in PBA)

#3 Boyet Bautista

Height : 5'5 3/4

#2 Al Vergara

Height : 5'5 5/8

#1 Billy Abarrientos 

Heightt : 5'5
 (Johnny Abarrientos uncle)

5 Responses to TOP 10 Shortest Players in PBA History

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. wala si topex robinson ?

  3. cyianite Says:
  4. topex is 5'8

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. 5'7 pnakamatangkad pare

  7. Anonymous Says:
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